Consultation / Promos

Consultation Films

At Animate & Create we’re always looking to promote positive messages and highlight important issues. We’ve worked with many different organisations in the community both locally and nationally on consultation projects. If your organization is looking to raise awareness for an issue or theme, Animate & Create can work with you to effectively achieve this through the medium of animation.

Our team work by interviewing your group and working with you to decide the exact messages that need to be communicated. All of our animated consultation films use the actual voices of the community. This conveys a true sense of realism and helps a film impact on its audience. Consultation films can be used to inform other members of the community but can also be used as a document to assess your community’s needs or requirements. Our films give a voice to those who aren’t normally heard.

Animate & Create have partnered with a number of organisations for consultation projects, including:

Kent County Council: “What Makes a Good Childhood?” and “Children’s Human Rights”
Media Trust: “We Are Family” – raising awareness for children with gay and lesbian parents
Vista Leisure: “Aiming High” – assessing disabled access facilities at sports venues
A2 Dominion: “Animation Street” – assessing provisions young people would like to see on new housing estates
Bromley Council: “The Bromley Pledge: Ask Me” – promoting the rights of children in care.

To view our film “Voices Grow Louder” which was made with children at the Kent Primary School Council on the subject of what they feel children’s rights should be, see the video below.

Over forty young people were interviewed during the making of this film, with sixteen of them contributing to making the models and animating the scenes.

School Promos

Animate & Create offer the service of creating a promotional film for your school. A promotional film can be used on TV screens, in and around the school, on your website, used in your promotions and presentations to give potential pupils and their families an insight into your school.

We will visit your school with a team of staff who will do numerous jobs. They will run a workshop that involves pupils from all years based around lessons, topics and facilities provided by the school. In the workshop pupils will create sets and characters which they will then animate and be part of the promotional film. We will interview staff, teachers, parents and other members of the school community to obtain voice overs and information you would like given. Finally the team will record footage in and around the school that will be the basis of the film and show off the credentials that the school wishes.

All equipment, materials and editing will be provided by Animate & Create and the final product will be delivered on a DVD as well as a data disc to upload the promotional film onto your website and screens.

Please contact us at or call us on 01227 281 966