School Workshops

Animate & Create offer a wide variety of different workshop types. These include 3D Model Animation, 2D cut out and drawn animation. We have a number of set workshop types but can always tailor a workshop to your specific needs and can incorporate any themes or topics in the animation the young people make.


Our two hour ‘Make a Model’ workshops are packed full of fun and creativity with everyone taking home their very own creature!


Do you like the slugs in ‘Flushed Away’? Want to know
how to make one? Well here’s your chance!

During this two hour workshop the group will design, sculpt and bring to life a slug from plasticine. Once it’s all finished they can take home their very own slimy friend ready to be animated.


Our four hour animation workshops give a group the chance to make a short film which they can take away on DVD.


Roll up, Roll up the Circus is in town!

Our circus themed workshop is a cut-out animation session for any size group. The young people will work together to design circus attractions to create their very own Big Top!

Slug Club Plus

Create a slimey slug and animate it’s antics!

Building on the popular Slug CLub workshop, this session includes a full animation shoot, allowing the group animate their new bug eyed friends.


Make your own short film with some crazy blobs!

During the workshop the young people will be split into small groups and together produce a short storyboard, models and animation which will then be sent to them on DVD.



A filmmaking session takes a group from script to screen with our award winning filmmaking workshops. We offer a range of animation techniques including drawn and stop-motion animation.


Six to Eight Hour Workshops

A one day workshop gives a group the chance to make a short animated film. This is an exciting hands on filmmaking experience which can tackle any topic. Everyone will take away their own film on DVD!


Thirty Hour Workshops

A five day workshop gives young people an intense experience working with industry professionals. Over the five days they will write a script, design characters and produce artwork and models before animating their scenes. The whole group will take away a copy of their film, artwork and models.


Can’t see what you’re looking for? Got an arts week and have a theme you’d like to fit into a project?

Animate & Create can be fully flexible and will tailor a workshop to a particular topic or subject, just get in touch and chat to one of our animators to see what we can offer.

For all enquiries about animation workshops please email or telephone 01227 281966

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Four hour drawn workshop, with a touch of animation

Do you like Naruto, Pokemon, Dragonball? Our new anime workshop is perfect for fans of anime and manga. Learn how to bring your characters to life whether they’re warriors with amazing powers or cute ‘chibi’ characters.




One day drawn and animation workshop

Our ‘Manga; How to’ workshop is a great way to grasp the basics and more of Manga! The workshop is run by our experienced manga artist who works both digitally and on paper and his work has been seen by tens of thousands of people around the world.

The workshop begins with a presentation introducing the students to popular manga styles by showing different animations and artists work.
Our artist then gives a live demonstration of how to draw a manga character from scratch! This usually involves projecting his screen onto a wall for all the students to see. As he draws the students are encouraged to get involved by throwing out ideas they would like to see go into the character, like a style of hat, or what colours to use. We then give help, advice and answer questions the students might have as they create their own manga character with the techniques they have just learnt.

We ran a Manga Workshop with Sharon Beale at The Marsh Academy and this is what she had to say about the day:
“The students responded well despite some thinking they couldn’t draw and they were given the confidence to try. The relaxed atmosphere meant students could experiment without worrying that “it was for an assessment”. It was good for them to meet professionals and ask questions if they felt the need. Because a majority of the group already knew something about the genre this helped them connect better. I would definitely like to do more workshops in the future.”