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We’re an animation studio based in the beautiful coastal town of Whitstable. Our team building sessions are a great day out with a traditional fish and chips lunch by the sea thrown in!

What do we offer?

Our workshops provide a chance for businesses and organisations to re-discover the joys of plasticine. Using our professional resources and expertise, teams will be taken through the process of creating their own plasticine characters and bringing them to life through animation!

Producing an animation allows a team to become a film crew for the day – building skills in confidence, communication and co-operation. The animation can be made just for fun or even as a resource; perhaps a feature for the company website or an inter-office highlight of team-values. The structure of the session is extremely flexible; a team can either work to a brief set by us or can come with their own idea that they would like us to support.
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Why choose animation?

Making a short animation gives the team a chance to think creatively and deligate the different roles required for film production. Thinking creatively promotes activity in areas of the brain responsible for goal-directed behaviour and motivation to achieve. It allows people to discover new approaches to working and encourages innovative problem solving.

Can Animation be for Everyone?

Animation is suitable for people of all ages and abilities and can be facilitated at any venue. Sessions take place indoors so aren’t dependent on weather and fitness isn’t an issue. There also isn’t any sitting around with boring PowerPoint presentations. Working with our professional animators, in tandem with our industry standard equipment and software, teams are able to have fun and create something that represents a genuine achievement.

What will you get out of it?

Working as a film crew requires unified effort, co-ordination of individual skills and group determination. The fun, hands-on process creates a relaxed atmosphere for colleagues to work together, forming bonds of trust and friendship. Also, unlike many teambuilding events, with animation the client will have something to take away. All plasticine props and models are the team’s to keep, and of course the animation itself has value; whether it be used as a promotional tool or just as a reminder of the what was accomplished. As an additional service we can also produce a ‘making-of’ video to document the animation process, as well as professionally made posters/calendars featuring the team’s characters.

How can animation benefit your business or organisation?

Animation team building is an exciting creative experience during which your team will work together to produce a short animation that you can take away on DVD. Over the day your team will
re-discover the joys of plasticine, making their own character and bringing it to life through animation, just like Morph.

The film can be made just for fun or even as a resource; perhaps in a company blog to highlight your team values or as a feature on your website to promote a product or service.

Becoming a film crew for the day builds confidence, communication and gets everyone working together. We’re flexible as to the structure of a session; it might be that we set a brief for the team as a challenge, or if you have an idea for an animation you’d like to make specifically, this can also be done.

Animation is for everyone, you don’t need to be Michelangelo to sculpt our clay. It’s a fun activity and you’ll have an animator on hand to help in case you or your character loses their head!

Everyone requires something a little bit different, so get in touch to let us know exactly what you’re looking for. This way we can tailor your project and get back to you with a quote.

The day can be hosted at our studio in Whitstable or we can come to you! For more information get in touch with us on 01227 281966

This film was made by the Hudson and Fuggle team who came down to our studio in October 2010 on a two day team building session.

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