Thanks for coming in and training our staff how to produce animation in the classroom, we had a good day. The sessions were very practical and everyone was able to achieve, thanks to your clear instructions and easy to use technology.

Mr. McGrory - Head Teacher Minterne Community Junior School

The week was really good, encouraging students to think about different perspectives. The initial clay animation proved how accessible animation can be. The week also encouraged teamwork/team building

Mary O'Conner - Head of Media Studies

Absolutely fantastic, brilliant work and very moving. No body could watch these films and not empathise with these young people’s plight.

Comment from audience member -

Very powerful and honest. The animation was a good balance and didn’t overpower the strength of the life stories.

Comment from Audience Member -

Very thoughtful, artistic, imaginative, simple and effective! Excellent high quality work. Would’ve liked to have see more!

Comment from audience member -

I feel like I’m in the shoes of people like Nick Park. I’ve learned things that I had no idea about before, so much goes into making animation!

Matt - Aged 11

Very effective, kept students entertained all week, I even learnt something too!

J. Brady, Design Technology - Simon Langton Girls Grammar School

I would like to say thanks for the opportunity, I am amazed to see what can be achieved in such a small time.

R. Morse, Head of Media - Canterbury High School

It was everything that education should be about – opening up experiences and gaining knowledge.

S. Wright, Film Studies - Herne Bay High School

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